Why do I try to bird with the girls? Why, I say?

Flood plains at the Oxbow
Look at the color of that sky…yummy!
The Oxbow, Inc.
American Coots
I actually thought the girls would get on board today and be good while I birded. Silly, silly girl.
We picked Mom up and headed down to the Oxbow. The fields were flooded, so there were limited areas to get into, but the day was beautiful and I was optimistic.
We saw plenty of American Coots, which were nice, but already on my list.
Then Mom pointed out a small, diving bird out on the water.
A Pied-billed Grebe! Hooray!
(Check that one off!!!)
A cute little thing, it was.
Well, I had a solid 3 minutes of birding before the girls started chanting “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”
Then Lorelei started to cry and yell for Daddy.
Then Isabelle started yelling at Lorelei
and asking at the top of her lungs, “What are doing here, anyway?”
Double-long sigh.
Back at Mom’s house, we got the pleasure of watching a male Northern Pintail fly over!
(Check that one off, too!)
All in all, I got two life birds, but along with that I also got high blood pressure and a nervous tic.

The Oxbow

I’m heading out to my Mom’s house today in Indiana, and I read that the Oxbow is filling up with some nice birds, so maybe I can convince Mom to go over with me. Hopefully I can get some nice pics to share.
If you would like to learn more about the Oxbow, go to www.oxbowinc.org. It’s a cool place that is being protected, thank goodness.

I’m livin’ on the air in Cincinnati…

Cincinnati, WKRP.

That theme song must have run through my brain 1000 times last night. I’ve never stayed in a hotel so close to Cincinnati before. It was like vacationing at a neighbor’s house…weird.
Did anyone who lived outside of Cincy watch that show? They must have…it was on for how many years? (Watch, Geoff will know the answer to that.)
Gordon Jump will always occupy a special place in my heart…


Thanks, Shannon! Have fun in Gatlinburg! Say Hi to Dolly for me.

Forgotten Ohio

I found a fun website recently and wanted to share it with all of you.
It’s www.forgottenoh.com and it’s all about Ohio’s haunted houses, abandoned buildings, ghost towns, neat old stories…even a bit about Cincinnati’s “subway” system…it’s down there, collecting dust, while traffic builds and builds up on I-75 and I-71.
Lots of fun facts and things that make you go hmmm…

Girl’s night out Part Deux

I have the best friend ever. Shannon came up to our room after work and took us to dinner at the Revolving Restaurant at the top of the hotel. The restaurant actually rotates slowly so your view changes as you enjoy your meal. It takes 1 hour 15 minutes to make a complete circle, so we weren’t breaking any speed records. The girls liked it, but they kept insisting on standing on the part of the floor that doesn’t spin, and they would gradually rotate away from our table and I would have to go retrieve them. They thoroughly enjoyed the bread, but ignored the rest of their meal.
Isabelle news: Today was her first dentist appointment. I am so gosh darn proud of her, I could burst. She was PERFECT. She sat still, she didn’t complain, she obeyed directions, she sat through a fluoride treatment and thorough cleaning and scaling. She got a “plaque grade” of 95%…she only had a little plaque on the bottom front teeth and no tooth decay or alignment problems. Boo yah!!!!!!

After dinner, we put on our suits and went swimming in the heated, indoor pool. Ahhh……
The girls have just fallen asleep. The swim really tuckered us out. Isabelle had on water wings, and she did a great job with “swimming” but Lorelei was not getting into the water and just sat on the steps and pretended to swim. I haven’t SWUM? SWAM? SWIMMED? in a long time. Anyone want to help me out with the proper form of “swim” for that sentence?

Girl’s night out

The girls and I are giving Geoff a break and a night of no distractions by spending the night at a local hotel. My best friend works at the Radisson Riverfront, so she found us a nice room and here we are!