This blog takes requests

A fellow birder-blogger buddy asked to see some of my scrapbook pages, and I pride myself on being accommodating.
1. Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuses.
2. Like Mother, like Daughter.


8 Responses to “This blog takes requests”

  1. M. Angelo Says:

    Do you take us for idiots!! Those photos have obviously been professionally enhanced. There cannot possibly be anyone, anywhere that is that cute and adoreable..

  2. LauraHinNJ Says:

    First, Susan, your FIL made a spelling mistake – call him out on it!!


    Your pages are just beautiful and so fun! What a cutie your daughter is.

    Thanks for taking my request.

  3. Susan K. Williams Says:

    Yeah, Jim! You did find an inventive spelling of “adorable”. To think how many times you have typed the word adorable since the girls were born…
    Laura, the top page is Isabelle, and the lower page is Lorelei. I have to agree, they are adorable.
    Those are old pages…they are 4 and 2 now.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Your captive audience demands new pages!!! Please!!

  5. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Your FIL is right, they’re both *adoreable*!

    Funny, “Lorelei” is the nickname my brothers call me. I had a HS teacher with that name, but never knew anyone else with it.

    So… I have to ask – are you up-to-date with your scrapbooks? Not me – I’m only up to 1996! Wish I had the time for it – love it!

  6. N. Webster Says:

    You would spell words differently also, if you realized that there are no existing words that can convey the degree of supercuteableness of Isabelle & Lorelei.

    And remember: “a” after “e” except in fox where the “t” is silent.

  7. Susan K. Williams Says:

    Well said, Mr. Webster.
    FYI: Geoff said that last sentence was from an “OLD” comedy bit.

  8. Geoff Says:

    First, I’d like to point out that Susan stressed the “old” part. I just casually said, “an old comedy bit,” meaning, I don’t know, at least 15 years, though it’s probably 20 years old, or maybe a lot older. Secondly, Susan’s always getting on my case that I never leave comments. I’d like to point out to her that I often don’t leave comments because, well, I’m usually six or seven feet from her at my computer when I’m reading her blog, and so I just make my comments to her in person… That’s reasonable, right?

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