“The story of bird migration is the story of promise – a promise to return.”
-that French dude on Winged Migration-
Another “bird trip” is in the making. I just made reservations for a hotel in Port Clinton for International Migratory Bird Day. It’s the second Saturday in May every year and I am so jazzed!
Magee Marsh is known around the birding world…I didn’t quite believe what I read about the place before we went. Well, it seemed that there were 10 birds in every tree, and we must have seen 50 Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets between the hotel and the Reserve. I was intimidated by the sheer amount of avifauna around me, and it was my first “bird trip” as we call it to the girls. But I was lucky to find a few old-timers who pointed out some birds that I would have missed.
Crane Creek/Magee Marsh is a stopping-off point for the neotropical migrants and shorebirds that pass through, and we are so lucky to live in Ohio and get to see it!
The geography of that part of Ohio was shaped by the great-great-great-great- grandfather of Lake Erie, called Lake Maumee. Park Services there have restored valuable wetland, and they can control the water levels and it’s just Heaven for all those tired birds.
There are old and working fields, forest, marshes, rivers, and big ol’ Lake Erie all put together, and I am counting the days until we go!
54 days !

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  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Just *googled* Crane Creek and Magee Marsh (and got sidetracked for 20 minutes!) – sounds like a neat place! Mid-May can’t get here quickly enough! Is this a Mother’s Day gift to yourself? Hope you’ll enjoy it and share lots of pics.

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