There be butterflies here!

Thank goodness I put the cocoons in the habitat TODAY.

I had just finished the previous post about the cocoons and went up to grab some lunch, and there was a butterfly!

The red liquid under the butterfly in the far right picture is left-over fluids and pigment from the caterpillar and is completely normal.
If I hadn’t read about it beforehand, it would have scared the wits out of me!
The new butterfly has been trying out it’s proboscis, the straw-like thing it uses to drink.
Can you imagine what it feels like to go through such a transformation?
I guess I better make up some sugar water.
The girls are going to flip! They will be home from school in about an hour.

3 Responses to “There be butterflies here!”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Cool! Are they more colorful than they look or does that take a while?

  2. Susan K. Williams Says:

    They’ve brightened up in the last few hours. The top side is alot more orange than the bottom. We have three now, and two more to go.

  3. LauraHinNJ Says:

    More pics, please!

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