Glittery snow~bluebirds~Lollipop and Echo~Dad memories

Lollipop and Echo are settling in well and have been enjoying some birdy snuggling over the seed cup, and grooming each other. They actually fell asleep with their foreheads pressed together, but I couldn’t get a photo of it. Bummer.
The snow, while disgruntling, was very sparkly and glittering last night, so I tried to capture that while out with Nellie on her last visit outside for the night.
Our male bluebird on our far fence…and his wifey on the martin house below; Could I dare to hope that they stick around? I would almost not care about the purple martins. Note that I said almost.
The quality of my photos has been bugging me. But I remembered that my Mom still has my Dad’s good, old cameras with long lenses and she said I was welcome to them. I might be able to make something happen with a telephoto lens, right?
Dad was “the” photographer at all of our events. That is, when he wasn’t cooking the meal for the event! He was a wonderful photographer, and maybe if he didn’t have to “work” for a living, maybe he would have been a professional photographer. There’s a great photo album at the house that Dad put together with photos that he took and developed while he was in Korea. (after the Korean War and before the Vietnam War)
If Dad had gotten on the digital bandwagon, imagine what he could have done with pictures!

3 Responses to “Glittery snow~bluebirds~Lollipop and Echo~Dad memories”

  1. beckperson Says:

    Hey Susan, I had forgotten about your Dad and his camera…what a nice memory for all of us! Do take your Mom up on the offer of the camera…you’ll probably have a great time with it!

    So many great memories of your dad…this is just one!

    HA HA HA — we didn’t get snow in New England! ;-P

  2. your admittedly biased husband Says:

    Actually, I think you probably got your sense of photography from your dad. Those are some really nice shots.

  3. Susan K. Williams Says:

    Cath: I guess after the winter you guys have had, I can’t really complain about one day of snow.

    Thanks Geoff…what a sweetie. I knew that I married you for a good reason.

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