Alas, poor Yurick, we hardly knew thee

I was thinking about all the animals living with us and started to count them. I was startled to realize that there are thirteen of them.

1. Nellie

1. Queen
2. Pandora
3. Buddha
4. Trixie

1. Cuter (Betta)]
2. little pink one
3. another little pink one
4. Plecostomus

1. Slimey

1. Penny

1. Lollipop
2. Echo

*Temporary boarders:
5 half-dead butterflies
Which brings me to the next topic…

I don’t think our butterflies are going to make it. One of them is still twitching, but it’s not looking good. I have had to go in and rescue them all from the sugar water-soaked tissues I was instructed to give them. They keep getting stuck in it, and just lay there and flap. That noise is driving the cats mad, especially Trixie, the only one with a real prey drive.

I wish it had been warmer, so I could have let them out to fend for themselves. (And lessen my guilt a little.)


2 Responses to “Alas, poor Yurick, we hardly knew thee”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Oh no! I have an idea. Could you maybe bring them to a greenhouse at a garden center and let them go there? Or buy some cut flowers for them to feed on?

  2. Susan K. Williams Says:

    They started dying as soon as their wings were dry. I couldn’t get them to just land and drink…they would flap around and just were pitiful. I guess butterflies were not meant to hatch out in a container.

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