Gold at the end of Winter

I guess no one told this little guy that it’s tres gauche to be this yellow in March.
(It’s like those people who wear white after Labor Day)
All the other male Goldfinches are still mottled and olive-drab and boring, but this guy is planning on getting a girlfriend alot sooner than everyone else!
They don’t nest until June and July, so I guess he’s counting on the “early-bird” special.
*I know…groan*
He showed up a few days ago, and I hope I can keep track of him
to see if he stays or
moves on.
Isn’t he pretty?

5 Responses to “Gold at the end of Winter”

  1. Lollipop Says:

    He is kind of cute!

  2. Susan K. Williams Says:

    Don’t even think about it, Missy! I’m not having you come home all knocked up by some vagrant!

  3. Lollipop Says:

    I’d never fancy a finch, but he did have a nice mandible.

    Oh, what did Daddy mean when he said to stop interrupting his writing with chirping or he’d get “The Colonel’s herbs and spices?”

  4. Endment Says:

    Beautiful color and light on the goldfinch!
    Ours are beginning to show their spring color but none quite this bold yet

    He is really spiffy!

  5. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Great to see that color so soon. My goldfinches have abandoned my feeders – not sure where they go, maybe a neighbor has better seed.

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