I’m a sucker for these things

Okay…I got this from Cousin Cathy’s blog, and I just couldn’t resist.

First grade teacher’s name: I think I killed that brain cell.

Last word you said: No!

Last song you sang: Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Last thing you laughed at: Isabelle being a goof

Last time you cried: Talking to Rita at the hospital

What’s in your cd player? Mixed CD

What color socks are you wearing? White

What’s under your bed? Some of Geoff’s research papers

What time did you wake up today? I never actually fell asleep last night

Current hair: Reddish brown, long with a ponytail and bangs

Current outfit: Black sweat pants, long-sleeved T-shirt

Current annoyance: Bush Administration

Current smell: Nellie’s dog smell

Current longing: To bird more

Current desktop picture: A male cardinal

Current favorite music artist: Jamiroquai

Current book: My bird field guides

Current worry: Bird flu, war

Current hate: George W. Bush

Current favorite article of clothing: jeans jacket

Line from the last thing you wrote to someone: They are the size that they are. I didn’t change anything. How big of a photo spread are they doing? You’re not going to be the size of a billboard, right?

I am happiest when: The girls are playing nicely

I feel lonely when: The girls would rather be with Geoff

Favorite authors: Anne Rice, Stephen King and Geoff Williams πŸ™‚

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Scotland

Famous person you have met: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Anthony Munioz, Boomer, Richard Simmons (I used to work at the airport)

Do you have any regrets? Yes

Sex or love: Love

Favorite coffee: Caramel Frappuchinos!!!

Favorite smell: Babies fresh out of the bath

What makes you mad? Racism, stupidity, BUSH

Favorite way to waste time: blogging

What is your best quality? Great in a crisis

Are in currently in love/lust? Oh yeah…Geoff’s totally hot

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? Got thrown out of a Waffle House for dancing on a table….I was YOUNG AND DRUNK

Do you find it hard to trust people? Yes

Last thing you bought yourself: A salwar kameez outfit from India

Bath or shower? shower

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite color: green

Favorite flavor: chocolate

Favorite time of day: Nighttime

Any secret crushes? Yes, but if I tell you, they won’t be a secret!

Do you wear a watch? No

Favorite stores: Hobby Lobby, Kohl’s, Bird stores!

How big is your closet? walk in

Ever spend more then $200 in a store? Yes, at the grocery all the time

Do your friends know everything about you? Only Shannon…and SHE’S NOT TALKING!!!

What do they tend to be like? Fun, smart, tolerant, kind-hearted

Can you count on them? Absolutely!

Can they count on you? Absolutely!

Last book you read: Wicked

last movie you saw: don’t remember

movie you saw on the big screen: TransAmerica

show you watched on tv: LittleBear

song you heard: The theme song to Little Bear

thing you had to drink: Coke

thing you ate: snack…Goldfish crackers shared with Lorelei

time you showered: this morning

time you smiled: a few minutes ago

time you laughed: A few minutes ago

person you hugged: Nellie…wait, do dogs count?

person you talked to online: Geoff

person you talked to on the phone: Geoff’s friend Mike Johnson

Do You?
Smoke? Not anymore! Hooray!

Do drugs? No

Drink? Very rarely

Sleep with stuffed animals? Yes…Geoff

Have a dream that keeps coming back? no

Play an instrument? Yes, the alto sax

Read the newspaper? Only if Geoff makes me

Believe in miracles? No

Consider yourself tolerant? yes

Like the taste of alchohol? No

Go to church? no

Have any secrets? hell yes

Have any pets? Have you READ my blog??

Have any piercings? 6 holes in each ear

Have any tattoos? Yes, on my arm

Hate yourself? Not usually

Wish on stars? When Isabelle wants me to

Like your handwriting? No

Believe in ghosts? No, but I’m scared of them

Believe in the tooth fairy? No

Sing in the shower? No


3 Responses to “I’m a sucker for these things”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Tattoos? Piercings? *shaking head in disbelief*

    I like Stephen King too. Not so much anymore though, now that the dark tower is done 😦

    Maybe I’ll do this tonight for fun. Thanks. *still shaking head in disbelief*

  2. Endment Says:

    It really seems like this tells a lot about you…
    Does it?
    Guess I’ll have to go try it.

  3. Susan K. Williams Says:

    Laura, I guess I blew your image of me, the quiet mommy-birder? πŸ™‚

    I’m so not a wild child anymore…but I still have the “body art”.

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