Moving day

No, we didn’t move. But I feel like we did.
My in-laws handed down their old dining room table to us
and I rented a U-Haul to bring it home.

And look at the truck the rental place gave me! One with a Goshawk! How perfect is that?

Nellie wanted to check it out and ensure the safety of all involved.

Lorelei “helped” us alot. You can see the dining room chairs behind the blanket she’s holding. The chinz fabric is part of the curtains we used to cushion everything. And my in-laws handed those down, too. Every time we leave their house, they try to pawn more stuff onto us.
That’s if Jim can bear to part with it.

For all of his “rat” jokes, the man must be part Pack Rat himself.

“Come on, Belle!”


One Response to “Moving day”

  1. Endment Says:

    All that empty space!!!
    All that help!!! 🙂

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