Susan Gets Native~All Native! All the Time!

Red Chokeberry
Dutchman’s Pipe
Jenny Catchfly
I finally got to Earthscapes to start the native march into Spring.
Above are three of my purchases today.
The chokeberry will feed the birds in Fall and Winter.
The Dutchman’s Pipe will be adored by the butterflies…and it grows 25-30 feet high. Gulp.
The Jenny Catchfly “caught my eye” not because I am a girly-girl who is a sucker for a pretty flower, but because Geoff is a sensitive man who is a sucker for a pretty flower. He likes all the fluffy, wavy flowers out there and when I saw this, I had to get it.
It will be a nice backdrop for the Hummingbird garden.
It’s so heavy and wavy that I will need to plant it near the fence for support!
Speaking of hummers…
Geoff saw the first one of the year today feeding at the
sugar water feeder. Hoo-Yah!
I didn’t photograph these, but I also got:
Bee Balm…great for bees, butterflies and hummers
Black-Eyed Susans…Seeds for birds
Bleeding Hearts…for the hummers (and butterflies, presumably)
While the girls are at school tomorrow, and after my Owl Check,
I will be gettin’ dirty in the back yard!
Laura did a sweet thing:
She did a very nice, elaborate post about ponding since I mentioned that a pond is in my future. Check it out here.
Thanks, Laura!


2 Responses to “Susan Gets Native~All Native! All the Time!”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Cool plants – I have chokeberries here, too. Birds don’t ever eat the berries though?!?

    That catchfly plant is very pretty. Bet the bugs will like it.

  2. Susan Kailholz Williams Says:

    Re: The chokeberry: Well, Damn it. I must have it mixed up with something that was on my list. Damn.

    Yeah, the catchfly is awesome…needs some staking, but aas soon as it was in the ground, these tiny flying beetles started landing on it. Sweet.

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