Birding with Belle!

I’m fishin’!

Mom’s wisteria is such a show-off

The pond…well, it’s kinda like a swamp right now

Smallest baby HOSP

Largest baby HOSP

I dropped Isabelle off at Mom’s today for a sleepover. Today was so gorgeous…a bit cool, but hey, it’s not like it snowed! I took Belle down to the pond in the field to look at the house sparrow babies (yep, they’re still there) and to poke around the water.

I actually got a chance to bird, because Isabelle was enjoying the quiet.

She said, and I quote, “Wow, Mommy…it’s so peaceful.” How old is this child???!!!

But I didn’t see any birds that caused any hysteria. Mourning Doves, grackles, house finches.

But that’s okay…because Belle LET ME BIRD.


2 Responses to “Birding with Belle!”

  1. The Staff at Google Says:

    After reading your post, which was flagged by our proprietary Cuteness Search Tool, our staff of thousands did a complete search of the internet. We have concluded that Isabelle is the cutest, sweetest and smartest four-year-old in the known universe. But, of course, that is only in our professional opinion.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Can some of your Mom’s Wisteria find it’s way 3 miles up the road to my house please??

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