Tired of tree swallow posts yet?

Well, here’s another one. I promise I will try to rein it in soon; I’m just enamored.

They are nest-building in the gourd. I watched them most of the day, off and on, carrying grass, twigs, etc into the gourd. I found some craft feathers, non-toxic and clean, and went out and tossed them around in front of the swallows. I think, if the kids hadn’t been out there hollering and running around, the swallows would have taken the feathers from my hand. I think that’s the main reason they have me so ga-ga. They let you get close, don’t get too bothered…good thing, because our yard is an extension of the house and I can’t keep the yahoos inside.
Look how cute she is, poking her sweet little face out of the gourd…

FYI: Birdchick is especially funny today…what a life she has.


Make that Two

The tree swallow has been joined by a second, probably a female by the way they are tolerating each other.
Earlier, I thought it was a second male, but it turns out that mature female tree swallows are very similar to males.
(Immature females are brown-backed, instead of irridescent blue-green)
When I told Geoff this, he said, “Oh, good. I thought we had gay tree swallows. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s perfectly fine..but now they can make babies…” and there he trailed off.
LOL…my eminently PC husband.

Tidbit about Tree Swallows

I can’t seem to find a negative point about tree swallows.
I just love this passage from eNature:

Tree Swallows often enjoy playing with a feather, which they drop and then retrieve as it floats in the air. They gather in enormous flocks along the coast in fall, where they circle in big eddies like leaves caught in a whirlwind.

Doesn’t get much sweeter than that.