Miscellaneous images from yesterday. (And not one of them contains tree swallows!)
Speaking of tree swallows: I have observed both the female and male collecting nesting materials, so no incubation going on yet. And NO HOUSE SPARROWS to speak of in the back yard. HA HA, I say!
1. and 2. Skies above the Williams’ homestead
3. Nellie has learned to swing on the backyard swing without falling off
4. One of our future ears of corn
5. Tackle Daddy!

3 Responses to “114666896158236404”

  1. MojoMan Says:

    I agree. Tree swallows are great! Actually, I have a thing for all the cavity-nesters, with the exception of house sparrows and starlings.

  2. Susan Kailholz Williams Says:

    Hey! Thanks for commenting on my humble blog.
    Everything is welcome to nest here, except for the HOSP and starlings. If you read any previous posts, you will see the trials I have had with HOSP. I will be trapping them and donating the live birds to our local raptor rehab for the Cooper’s Hawks to practice on.
    Take that, interlopers!

  3. your husband with a neutral bias toward house sprarrows Says:

    You might want to point out to Mojoman your baby house sparrow story from a couple weeks ago, if he hasn’t seen it, just so he and everyone knows that you aren’t completely house sparrow bloodthirsty.

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