A post about chicks and scopes

First, my chicks: Today the preschool had a Mother’s Day Tea and Isabelle made me some notecards, a picture and a handprint poem. Lorelei made me two magnets and a picture of herself.

Second, the chickadee’s chicks: While wandering the yard today thinking about all the stuff I needed to be doing for the trip, I peeked in on our chickadee nest and was rewarded with at least 3 little yellow begging mouths. Sweet! By the time I had informed Geoff and grabbed my camera and flashlight, Mama bird was sitting back inside facing the entrance giving me a “Come on, I dare you” look. So pics will have to wait.

Scopes: When the next gift-giving holiday rolls around, I would like to ask my DH for a scope, and I would appreciate any fellow birder insights into a good one. Not sure about one in the “Rolls-Royce” range, but maybe in the “Prius” range. Any thoughts?


You know you’re addicted to blogging when…

…you get annoyed when the life you are blogging about gets in the way of your blogging.