What color is your aura?

Your aura is Indigo.
Indigos are truth-tellers. They are quiet, alert, spiritual, inquisitive, patient, determined, guiltless, stubborn and honest. They can be blunt.
Go here to find the color of your aura.

3 Responses to “What color is your aura?”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I don’t know about the quiet part, but the rest is right on. I did take this test and I am a Loving Tan. Imagine that!!

  2. Susan Kailholz Williams Says:

    That was right on for you…especially the scattered part! Har har.
    Loving Tan really DOES fit you. You’re a great person, a great friend…Hugs!
    (I was worried that the website would tell me that my aura was green/orange plaid.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Or pink with neon green polka dots!!!

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