Givin’ a bit of my time

Tomorrow is a big day for me.
I will begin my volunteer-ship at RAPTOR, Inc., a local Raptor Rehab. I will spend my day learning the ropes and acquiring the skills of bird poop-scraping, etc. I told them I was willing to do anything, that I would pay them to be there and help out.
If you find an injured bird/animal, look here to search for a rehab in your area. And if you have lots of money and need a place to donate it to, they would greatly appreciate it. These places depend on donations and volunteers in addition to any federal funds that come their way…not that the current administration cares a “hoot” about some injured owls. Don’t get me started.
But wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Givin’ a bit of my time”

  1. your cash-strapped (and cheap) husband Says:

    You said you would pay them? Heh, heh, you’re kidding, right? Right? They aren’t going to take you up on it, right? I need to sit down. I feel woozy…

  2. MojoMan Says:

    It’s wonderfully generous of you to donate your time. If only we were all as dedicated as you.

    I understand the naming rights for the new rehab center are available…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I truly appreciate your kind words. After reading you and Julie Z. and Bill T3, Ohio is starting to look pretty cool. Maybe we can all move there.

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