Ten things about me that begin with “S”

I totally stole this from Julia. Hope you don’t mind, girl!

1. Susan. That was an easy one.

2. Shannon. My best friend…the kind who will hold your hair back when you throw up. The kind who will move Heaven and Earth to come to my girls’ birthday parties. The kind who makes me laugh so hard, I wet myself. The kind who knows all about me, and loves me anyway.

3. Sarcastic. Me, me, me.

4. Sassy. I just can’t help it…it’s who I am. But the folks who love me put up with it and for that I will always be grateful.

5. Sexy. Well, I USED to be… 🙂

6. Super kids. Isabelle and Lorelei may just turn out okay, in spite of me. 🙂

7. Super husband. Geoff is the perfect man…for me.

8. Singing birds. The first thing I hear in the morning. Focusing on that helps get me out of bed…just not as fast as Geoff would like…

9. Susan Gets Native. My blog. Duh. (I’m reaching…)

10. Silly. I get so wacky when I say something that I think is funny. Or think something that I think is funny. I’m really a goof.


2 Responses to “Ten things about me that begin with “S””

  1. Endment Says:

    Just a few words for you:

  2. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Is that me, or you? 🙂
    Cause you are pretty splendiferous too!

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