Please don’t look if you’re squeamish

I don’t post stuff like this to gross anyone out. (Well, maybe I do, a little) But this post also serves the purpose of showing everyone just what RAPTOR and places like it do for their birds.

I got the call around 9:00 pm last night that the rats and mice were on their way.
At 10:00 pm I was knee deep in frozen (and unfrozen) rodents. The mice and rats are euthanized at the place they are shipped from, and then scooped into garbage bags, and if we’re lucky, frozen. There were about 50 of these bags to go through. Bedding and food are also scooped into the bags, so the first step is to use this makeshift sieve to sift out the extra stuff. Then the critters are grabbed up and placed in smaller bags and twistie-tied and thrown into the freezer.

A simple process, but not one I will be repeating in the near future. The mice were pretty easy, because they are small and can be placed in a bag about 10 at a time. The large rats (way bigger than MY rats…I mean, these rats were the size of…..RATS) were more difficult I guess because it’s like lifting a small cat and putting it in a bag.
By the end (around midnight) I was feeling a bit nauseous, because I couldn’t stop thinking of my own rats waiting for me at home. I tried not to look at the little faces of the rats going into the bags, but it was hard not to.

Here’s the kicker, and a guarantee that no one will be asking me to cook dinner for them for a long time: We ran out of freezer room at RAPTOR, so I brought home a bag of rats to put in my own freezer.

Canape, anyone?


4 Responses to “Please don’t look if you’re squeamish”

  1. MojoMan Says:

    Another reminder that there’s stuff going on out there that we could never even imagine.

    You’re very special to volunteer for such a challenging mission.

  2. Jim Says:

    Susan, I know your Mom is in good health, however, before she stops by and opens your freezer, perhaps she should have an elective pacemaker implantation.

  3. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Oh boy – don’t know that I could handle that.

  4. Susan Gets Native Says:

    I don’t know how special I am…
    It just feels so good to actually be helping birds!

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