First real look at our new infants

Penny must really trust me…she let me pick up one of her precious charges. They are so perfect…down to tiny whiskers and flower-bud ears. Perfectly-formed toes, and a sweet little pink spaghetti tail. Ahh…I am IN LOVE.
And check out Penny…know any HUMAN woman who could do this one day post-partum?
Not I, Popeye.


4 Responses to “First real look at our new infants”

  1. Geoff Williams Says:

    What’s amazing to me is that the baby is the spitting image of her parents. I think the baby has Penny’s eyes and Nick’s whiskers.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Very cute! And a very maneagable number of babies. Can’t wait to see what color they will be!

  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Aren’t they sweet???? And two rats is way easier than 20! We got very lucky.
    I hope we get one who looks like Penny, and one that looks like Nic.
    I noticed that they have little eyelids now…yesterday they didn’t. And they are moving around more than I thought they would in one day! They grow so fast.

  4. Jim Says:

    Yes, they do grow up so quickly. Why, before you know it they’ll be off to college in the sewers of New York. Hey, I can hope,…er…dream can’t I?

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