Misc. Thursday

The tree swallow chicks have opened their eyes.

Yesterday I put down a weed barrier in the front yard. This has been a trouble spot since we moved in. It has taken many forms, but I am tired of weeding and Geoff has a hard time mowing around the tree and bushes.
My plan is to fill this with either mulch or rocks, put in a simpler solution to the bird feeders (I hate all the stuff that sprouts under there now). I want this to be an even better bird mini-sanctuary, with low bushes, seed-and-fruit bearing plants, maybe another bird bath.

Who says that dogs can’t smile?

The pumpkin shoots are trying to take over the yard (and the corn plants). This little strangler has found purchase on the neighboring corn, and if you look closely, the rabbits are making it into their very own salad bar.

When I put down the weed barrier, I made sure that Huey’s resting place is secure. I miss him a lot. A king among rats, that little guy.


One Response to “Misc. Thursday”

  1. clairesgarden Says:

    that dog is grinning fit to burst, give him a pat from me!

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