What bird nest mites look like

I found this picture at the Purple Martin website. This is what was crawling on me yesterday


6 Responses to “What bird nest mites look like”

  1. MojoMan Says:

    Thanks..Now I have to go take another shower.

    I can only imagine the torment a helpless baby in the nest must feel.

  2. Susan Gets Native Says:

    I know, they’re gross. Like crawling pepper.

    Poor little babies…but once they are fledged, they can bathe and preen and get them under control.
    Of course, once they’re gone, I will have the bluebirds to worry and fret about.

  3. Shannon Says:

    That’s gross!!

  4. Gerry Says:

    Now imagine if the mites where microscopic and everyone thought you were crazy. At Hearts Pest Management we know that you are not. We are developing methods to deal with this problem, but we avoid cases that have been very persistent because in many of these situations the victim has used their own pesticide treatments and so it is hard to control the process and protocol.
    We are now investigating the use of .05 level micron electric and thermal foggers in the treatment, along with pyrethroids and growth regulators.

  5. dan Says:

    i have been in pest control for 13 years never had seen a case of bird mites

  6. Gerry Weitz Says:

    Actually, a vast percentage of birds do have bird mites.

    My first exposure to bird mites back in 2002, my first year in business, involved a couple who maintained an aviary. The aviary was 50 ft from the home and had about 15 parakeets. These mites were visible. Although the literature says that they are not interested in people, unless the bird has died and are desperate to find a host, these birds were marching en mass, like an ant trail, over to the house and up the wall, into the bedroom and were primarily attacking the woman of the house.

    I have become convinced that mites are attracted to female hormones. Although a percentage of the cases of bird mite bites may be middle-aged neurotics and people with other skin conditions, starting with this first experience, again, I am totally convinced that mites (and there are thousands of mite species), know much more about us than we know about them. They do bite humans. They do live on and off of humans.

    Recently I started a new website called Bugs In My Bed (http:www.bugsinmybed.com). The site is very educational. There are several pages about mites, including one on microscopic mites that readers here should find very interesting. It is meant for anyone who ever had a bite in bed and doesn’t understand how they got it. Often, the bite started with a bird infestation.

    Gerry Weitz, Pres.
    Hearts Consulting Group, LLC

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