Happy One Day Birthday, Bluebirds

They’re cute, in an ugly sort of way. A full 80% of their bodies is their bellies. I’ve watched the parents flying back and forth a good part of the day, doing their unenviable duty as bird mama and papa. What a job…If we need food, we go to the store and fill up our bags and bring them home to fill up our cabinets, with enough to hold us for a week or so. If the bluebirds want food, they have to go out and hunt it down, eat enough for themselves and then get more food for three little ones. Then they do it again, and again…

One Response to “Happy One Day Birthday, Bluebirds”

  1. mother in law Says:

    Many years ago I was taught that you never touched a bird egg or a new bird because the mommie bird would reject it. Was this a ploy by my mom to keep me from messing with the nest? These are fascinating pictures.

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