Swimming and fallen sunflowers

Geoff took the girls to Isabelle’s swimming class tonight and took some photos, but these two were the only salvagable ones.
And now, we have Lorelei sporting the newest in swim eyewear.

(Isabelle is the fuzzy pink one)

This has never happened before…my tallest sunflower fell down today. It’s not the tallest one we have ever have (a few years ago, they got taller than the second story windows) but this one ripped itself right out of the ground. I guess I will stake it and hope for the best.

Riveting post, huh?


5 Responses to “Swimming and fallen sunflowers”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    I’d blame your felled sunflower on goldfinches, or squirrels.

    Cute little swimmer!

  2. Geoff Williams Says:

    I thought it was a riveting post, but then I’m biased, particularly toward those first two pictures. And I need to learn how to put photos on my blog. Since I took those, it would have been kind of cool to have had those on mine. And only two were salvageable? Sigh. I guess if I ever want a second career in photography, it’s going to be short-lived…

  3. The source of all wisdom Says:

    According to ancient legend, when a sunflower falls it is a sign from the heavens…that it has recently rained a lot.

  4. Juliabohemian Says:

    it’s running away…

  5. Susan Gets Native Says:

    LOL! I know how it feels!

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