Try to stay awake long enough to get all the way through this post.

Oh, my loyal fans following this blog: I have not been burning up the blogging world lately, and for that I apologize. Nothing too interersting has been happening to me over the past week or so. But tomorrow, I continue my bird-handling training with Scarlett (red-tailed hawk), Earl (turkey vulture) and maybe Isis (mostly albinistic red-tailed). So hopefully there will be bird pics on this “birding” blog.
But for now, here’s some intensely interesting pictures from the yard:
The remains of my chokeberry…and where the fire ants live. Cute little rabbits have reduced it to a stick.

I will be taking my baffle, nesting box and pole to my Mom’s tomorrow in hopes that her bluebirds find it appealing. (Her nesting box is now on an unprotected post and the eggs from a week or so have vanished)

My dill is looking so pretty and can be smelled halfway across the yard. Yum.

Geoff and the girls play tag, regardless of the 200% humidity. God, it’s steamy here. And there’s no relief in sight.

Mom gets the best box I have. This nesting box can also be turned upside down in winter for use as a roosting box for the bluebirds, if they stick around.


2 Responses to “Try to stay awake long enough to get all the way through this post.”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    Is it just me or does Earl sound just right for a turkey vulture? Sorry, to all the Earls out there.

    The dill is very pretty. Could its aroma have caused temporary insanity in Geoff and The Girls?
    Tag outside today!

    Anyone for a little chemical warfare for the fire ants?

  2. Lynne Says:

    Turkey vulture pictures please!! Not sure why, but I’m a bit fond of turkey vultures. I love to watch them fly…float, tip, float, tip, tip, float.. Cool!

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