“These shoes are made for birding, and that’s just what they’ll do…”

No matter how much I love Keen shoes, I can’t justify paying close to $100 for any shoe.
So when I found these knock-offs at Payless for $20, I did a little dance.
They’re comfortable, don’t hurt my heel, have tread…I love ’em.
***I would, of course, accept any Keen’s that were a gift***

7 Responses to ““These shoes are made for birding, and that’s just what they’ll do…””

  1. Geoff Says:

    Re: the shoes, gift comment, probably aimed at her in-laws. That’s my wife… shameless šŸ™‚

  2. Lynne Says:

    I got an awesome deal ($49) on my Keens- still alot of money. I’ve been told they make my feet look like duck feet, but I like them. Yours look great- nice color!

  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Thanks! I love them, and if I squint, I can pretend they’re Keens.
    $49 !!!! Man, I need to check out some sales. I didn’t know they could be that inexpensive. But I still cringe a little at $49 for shoes…I’m cheap.

  4. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Good shoes are worth it!

    The ladies I work with all wear fancy, pretty high heels. Girly shoes.

    Not me. My favorites are my Bucs and my Keens.

    Really I prefer to be barefoot, but can’t go to work that way.

    Nice color, by the way.

  5. NatureWoman Says:

    Ohh, very nice and great deal! Good to know they don’t hurt your feet! I hope you enjoy them!

  6. El Cheapo Says:

    That’s Right, Folks: Now you can have the comfort of bare feet AND the style of your favorite shoes. All for less than a Dr. Scholl’s bunion pad! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to the shoe store and find your favorite shoes or sandals (price is no object).
    2. Photograph the shoes
    3. Print the photo on iron-on decal paper.
    4. Iron your new shoes onto your bare feet. (Don’t your feet already feel better once you stop ironing?)
    Voila. Take that Keen and Manolo!!

  7. Juliabohemian Says:

    Lands End has a really good water proof walking shoe for only like $29. My husband likes to wear them because his feet sweat and these shoes breathe really well.

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