A request from a cyber-friend

Laura asked me if I could do a post about the histories of our program birds. And I say heck yeah, I can do that!

· Turkey Vulture – “Earl” admitted 6/2/84! as a nestling. Imprinted on humans..
was taken from the nest very young and kept as a “pet” for 2 weeks before coming to RAPTOR. Let’s just say that Earl has a mental problem!

· Great Horned Owl – “Sylvester” GH-97-02 admitted 02/12/97 Wing and leg fractures

· Red-tailed Hawk (Male) – “Two-socks” RT-01-30 admitted 12/19/01 –
Right radius/ulna fracture

· Red-tailed Hawk (Female) – “Scarlet” (Don’t know anything else about her)

· Red-tailed Hawk (Female) – “Isis” partial albino admitted with gunshot
wound (Such a beautiful bird…Almost completely white with blue eyes)

· Barred Owl – “Elvis” admitted with a broken wing

· Eastern Screech Owl (Gray) – SO-02-34 admitted 12/30/02 – compound
left radius/ulna fracture (Needs a name!)

· American Kestrel (Male) – AK-00-62 admitted 10/23/00 – left eye injury (Needs a name!)

· American Kestrel (Female) – AK-03-11 admitted 6/16/03 – blind left eye (Needs a name!)

· Peregrine Falcon (Female) – “Lucy“PF-03-02 admitted 9/24/03 – left wing partial
amputate; right wing also fractured. We have alot of information on Lucy because she was banded as a nestling in Pittsburgh, PA.


4 Responses to “A request from a cyber-friend”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Thanks, Susan.

    A lot of wing injuries – I just looked at Raptors site and the totals for birds received in 2005 – interesting percentages – they kept 6 birds for education, but released something like 41% of the birds they got in!

    The % of birds euthanized seemed kind of high – wonder what types of injuries those are – do you know?

    Endless questions… sorry. I’ll go to bed now.


  2. Lynne Says:

    How about “Cheech the Screech”?

  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    That’s a good one!
    It will definitely go on the list of possible names!

  4. Mario Profaca Says:

    Hi Susan!
    Greetings from who-know-where-is-it Zagreb, Croatia!
    Just thought you might like to see hawk’s nest built at my balcony at 20th floor three years ago. Two squadrons of hawks have been born there on my balcony this so called ‘wild birds’ chosed for their home.

    Obviously, there is no Empty Nest Sindrome here!

    (Unfortunately, only in Croatian language so far).

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