The hawk retired to the house down the street (we call it the Screamer’s house, because all they do is scream at their kids) and a very brave mockingbird tried to get the hawk to leave, but all the hawk did was preen.
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5 Responses to “115569287187062150”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Better get busy with them mice!


  2. Susan Gets Native Says:

    I know…for the first time, I am disappointed that the trap has been empty.

  3. NatureWoman Says:

    Ohhh, great photo! I love it when little birds get after big birds (as long as nobody gets hurt).
    Screamer’s house – that’s what I used to call the house next door before the neighbors moved on. Mother and daughter would scream at each other. Thankfully now it’s very quiet.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps the mother is just screaming to her children to “RUN FOR IT!!” because she thinks they are about to be carried off by a pterodactyl that is perched on their roof. [Okay, I know a pterodactyl is/was not a bird]

  5. Susan Gets Native Says:

    anonymous: (aka father-in-law)
    Pterodactyls were the precursor to birds, so your idea is not so far-fetched. Well, it is, but I thought I would give you a boost of confidence.
    Oh, dear…I’m encouraging him!

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