News for the day

1. The red-tailed hawk appeared again today. I didn’t bother with a photo, because she was at a place on the fence that made it hard to sneak out and point the camera at her.

2. Still no word on Chet. How can I be so worried about a dog I have yet to meet?

3. Geoff’s editor FINALLY got the revisions back to him, so for the next few months I guess, we just won’t be seeing him much.

4. Tomorrow I will be packing and generally running around like a loon trying to get things done for our trip to southeastern Ohio and the Wilds.

5. Caught another mouse today and placed it out on the fence. It was pretty late for the hawk to be hunting, so maybe an owl will happen by and take a free meal. The only owl that we know are around here is a barred owl, who we saw twice at our feeders late at night.

But fear not, dear readers! We are taking the laptop with us, so I should be able to blog from the field!


One Response to “News for the day”

  1. NatureWoman Says:

    I hope you enjoy your vacation!
    Did you see who ate the mouse?

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