New issue of the Hackback

RAPTOR, Inc has a quarterly newsletter called the Hackback.
What makes this one interesting to me is, well, I’m in it.
(And my in-laws make a cameo, too!)

Click HERE to read the Hackback!


6 Responses to “New issue of the Hackback”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Cool – nice piece you wrote and love the pic with Earl.

  2. LauraHinNJ Says:

    By the way – your famous for other reasons now too.


  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Yep, that’s me…Miss Popularity!
    Thanks for the nice words about the article. I have to also come up with regular reports for the newsletter that are education-oriented.
    You know you will have to send me ANYTHING that you see that I might be able to use! 🙂

  4. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Will do! Raptor related only?

    In one of the articles (think it was the blurb written beside a picture of a red-tail that was released) they mnetion that the hawk was taken somewhere else to complete its rehab – what is that place? Does raptor not have facilities for that? Like flight cages and so forth?

  5. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Covered Bridge is our current facility. We differentiate between that facility and our new one, “Red Barn”.
    All the birds are rehabbed at Covered Bridge.

  6. NatureWoman Says:

    Congratulations Susan! By just reading your blog you’ve made me look at birds of prey differently. I’m sure you’ll make a big impact! Enjoy!

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