Runnin’ on empty….

I did some more training today at RAPTOR. My first real solo program is next weekend at one of the Hamilton County Parks, so I practiced perching the birds out. It was a good day: Two Socks, the male red-tailed hawk and I came to an understanding today. I wasn’t nervous, so he wasn’t nervous. We know we can trust each other now. (Still won’t be petting or cuddling him, though!)
All the birds seem to be molting right now, so every time they shake themselves, dust, dander and feathers fly.
Our red-morph screech owl is looking particularly sad: His head feathers are gone, with only pin feathers coming in…the picture doesn’t give this guy justice: He is two big eyes on a bird body.

“Do these jesses make me look fat???”

“Hey!!! Don’t take my picture! I’m having a bad hair day!!!”

This night hawk (NOT a raptor) was brought in today by one of the volunteers. Once again, not a great pic, but they are such neat birds. Tiny little beaks, but when they open, they have a huge gape.

I stopped to get fuel, and realized that I didn’t have my wallet. I called Geoff and told him I would drive as far as I could until I could get to a gas station near home. My car has this neat sensor that tells you how many miles you have until empty. Well, it fluctuated between zero and five for a while, so I stopped and Geoff brought me some money. I feel dumb…I never do this.

After the gas incident, I stopped to get lunch for us, and while waiting in the drive thru at Arby’s, I saw this “Assassin/stink/whatever” bug hanging out on the sign. I guess he wanted some potato cakes.


3 Responses to “Runnin’ on empty….”

  1. NatureWoman Says:

    Poor birds – I still think they’re nice though – love the big eyes on the owl! Hmmm, you and I both had runnin’ on empty days yesterday – which I never do either. I usually fill it when it’s at 1/2 so the shock of the price won’t bowl me over.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Poor screech- looks like he got caught in the act! WHAT the…. Good luck on your solo program! Do you need an assistant?

  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Lynne, I would love an assistant!

    Pam, I feel bad for the birds when they molt…it CAN’T be very comfortable.

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