Baby Boomer, Meeting Nona and Grandpa

It was time for Boomer to meet his other grandparents, Jim and Rita.
While we waited for Rita to return from a trip to Cumberland, Isabelle took a few nice pictures.
Here’s one of them:
Boomer is an extremely tolerant dog. Case in point:
He lets the girls put their baby dolls on his back so they can ride him like a horse:

Boomer had no trouble relaxing at Jim and Rita’s. The poor guy sleeps like he has never slept before now. Jim had a good point that when you are out in the wild, it’s harder to get a good night’s sleep at all. Boomer seems to be making up for lost time.

Oooh…I loves me some Boston Terrier!

He found a stuffed badger (I tell ya, Jim has a thing for weird animals…once, when Isabelle was a baby, he gave her “Baby’s First Weasel”). I felt shades of Chet as I watched him try to remove the stuffing.

He also found one of Roxy’s rawhides. He was enjoying it immensely, but I had to take it away, because he was way too possessive of it. But to his credit, he didn’t give me any grief when I took it.


8 Responses to “Baby Boomer, Meeting Nona and Grandpa”

  1. NatureWoman Says:

    I love all of the photos of you and your cuties! Oh yeah, definite shades of Chet there with the badger. Poor baby having to catch up on his lost sleep.

  2. -llm. Says:

    Adorable Boomer! What a cutie-pie!

  3. Lynne Says:

    Sounds like Boomer is settling in so nicely. He still looks sad to me in most of the pictures. (maybe it’s the google eyes) Could you post a smiley picture?

    I looked again and I think he’s grinning in the pic with the badger!

  4. The Swami Says:


    You poor gullible souls. Sure Boomer LOOKS sweet and innocent and lovable.

    But, my cyber-friends, I have actually met Boomer. Sure, at first, even I, the all-wise Swami, was taken in by Boomer’s apparent cuteness.

    Then Boomer make a crucial mistake. He let down his guard and fell asleep. Suddenly the room began to shake and the sound rose, like a phalanx of chainsaw-wielding lumberjacks. But, no, it was much more horrible than that. It was Boomer snoring!

    No normal dog could make that sound. It had to be: Boomer is the Terrier of the Baskervilles!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Susan,

    An anonymous poster here. Got to your blog from Julie Zickefoose. As a bona fide cat person, if I may be so bold, suggest a great book called: Creating a Peaceable Kingdom: Living with more than one pet, by Cynthia Miller. I adopted two cats from the shelter, then took in an 11 year old dog that was about to be put down, then rescued two additional stray cats and made them indoor only cats. This book was invaluable in working on introductions between my 11 year old retriever/border collie mix that had never lived with cats before, and my now four cats. Also, on introductions between the 4 cats. I think the biggest thing I took away from the book was to just have it in your mind that it was going to work out and this is your new family member. As I’m sure you know, animals really cue into your body language and if you are nervous when Boomer meets the cats again, all will pick up on that right quick! I know you have already introduced cats and dogs, but every little bit helps! Best of luck,
    Takoma Park, MD

  6. Claude Daza Says:

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