A walk in the woods with Boomer, and a glimpse of Eden

Boomer’s first visit to the Cincinnati Nature Center was wonderful. Warm sun, a cool breeze, two cute kids and one sweet dog. Outside the visitor center is a holder for the current season’s wildflowers. I can’t remember them all, but the far left is Jeruselum Artichoke, Cattails, Asters, Tall Goldenrod, Clover, Colchicum, and I don’t remember the white flowers. The last holder was labeled “Mystery Larvae, 07-07-06. Eeewww.
***I was all set to go through the visitor center to get to the bird watching area, but this sign was on the door.

A bit of snuggle time with Isabelle and Boomer presented me with this photo op.

Yum…kid and dog butts.

They will all be gone soon, but this monarch gave us a nice moment as it rested on its way south.


I was tired as we came home, and I started to clean the living room and stack up laundry. I saw that Geoff had brought in the mail, so I browsed through the pile. At the bottom was the thing that has had my heart singing out loud all afternoon:

Letters From Eden, by Julie Zickefoose.

And not only did Julie inscribe it, but Chet made his mark, too!

Don’t you just LOVE Julie?

Boomer has dibs on the book after I am done with it.


9 Responses to “A walk in the woods with Boomer, and a glimpse of Eden”

  1. nameless procastinator Says:

    And so it was, after persuing Susan’s blog: the less fortunate among us, whose postal service is by donkey, or, heaven forfend, we procastinators were plunged into the depths of despair. Oh my, we are beginning to slip, yet again, into incoherence; could it be that my fair princess has put a wee much meade in the marinade.

  2. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Did she even make a special drawing there for you too? Jeesh I’m envious! Will you please keep reminding me to get my act together and order her book, please!!!!

    Love the pic with you holding Boomer’s head – his eyes are beautiful!

    Like the idea of the wildflower holder outside the nature center – wonder if that white one that you can’t remember isn’t maybe a Eupatorium – snakeroot, perchance?

  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    the drawing above the inscription is part of the book. I would have wet my pants if she had drawn something special for me.
    The white flower….I don’t know what it is, but it’s everywhere right now. It seems to have bloomed overnight. I’ve seen it in huge clumps all over.

    Procrastinator: Lay off the juice.

  4. NatureWoman Says:

    Ohhh, you are giving me so much to comment on! What a wonderful day! I need to order Julie’s book, too, it looks so beautiful! I love all of your Boomer photos – love his little butt and his face – I could just smooch his face!

  5. Julie Zickefoose Says:

    Give me Boomsicle. Slurrrrp!
    HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET TO GET A BOOMER LIKE THAT AT THE POUND??? In love. Love the pic of Liam’s girlfriend cuddled up with him. Just the best.
    Laura, if I drew a Cooper’s hawk on every title page, Swami would be mouldering in the grave before he got his. He might be, anyway… It’s all I can do to scrawl something on each one. I’m having to re-learn how to write longhand.
    Swami, him what orders first gets him book first. I’m gettin’ there.
    White snakeroot,

  6. jemkagily Says:

    Dang. Double dang. Julie got white snakeroot before me, and I didn’t get a pawprint in my copy. Hmph. Chet must have had something more important to do.
    Well, it was a *boy* monarch, so there! (You can tell by the dots on the lower wing sections).
    🙂 Wendi
    Everyone’s sleeping, I finally get to read in peace!

  7. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Thanks everyone, for putting up with me during my “Boomer” phase. And it’s not gonna end, either.

    Wendi: Okay, you are like an encyclopedia. Where the heck is YOUR blog?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Er, excuse me…but do you have any immediate plans to finish stacking that laundry?

  9. MojoMan Says:

    I got my copy today, and it looks fantastic! Julie put a beautiful picture on nearly every page…just for me! That’s the way it feels, anyway. I look forward to many quiet hours with this fine book.

    Boomer is one lucky dog. He looks so skinny. He really needed your help. I’m sure he can’t believe his good fortune to be adopted by a loving family like yours.

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