Crouching tiger, barking daughter

* My camera is a wanker, so you only have my words tonight*

Lorelei didn’t go to school today, for all the Halloween festivities. Instead she went to the doctor. After a night of coughing while Geoff held her, she was actually barking this morning.
She has croup.
She wasn’t leaving the house today without wearing her costume, and I was in no position to argue. So she went to the pediatrician’s office as a princess.

Isabelle had a great time at school, dressed as Ariel. But how’s this for creepy: The preschool is part of a church and today the church held a funeral for one of their members. *insert creepy organ music here*

My costume? A T-shirt that reads, “This IS my costume.”

Geoff took the girls out in the neighborhood to trick or treat, wrapped in blankets. It’s a bit rainy and cool, so they didn’t stay out long. Lorelei fell asleep in the wagon, so we tossed her into bed as soon as they got back.

Other current events:
Geoff is still working on final revisions of his book. But it’s actually already listed on Amazon Canada and available for pre-ordering! It’s not even printed yet!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing an endoscopy. (I tried to get still photos of my stomach insides, but the doctor needed them for my chart…killjoy. I TOLD him I had a blog!)
I have had tummy troubles for about 5 months now, and the first procedure I had was an upper GI ultrasound which was negative. Then the endoscopy, which was also negative. And guess what I get to go through now, kids? That’s right! A colonoscopy!
Having an endoscopy is really not a big deal. This is what I had to do: Eat and drink nothing after midnight before the procedure. Go in, get an IV, get some really NICE drugs, and I only remember having to swallow a few times as the scope went down my throat. I was so high, I didn’t even care.
Hopefully the colonoscopy is just as pleasant. I won’t be able to eat anything solid for 2 days before, and will have a lovely dose of laxatives (yummy) the day before.
Now, aren’t you glad you read my blog?
And to answer the question burning in everyone’s mind right now:
Will I be posting pictures of my colon?
Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.



Okay, since Blogger is still in a drunken stupor, I have to post pics through Picasa Hello. Yesterday we had a party for Isabelle. She had requested an ice cream cake, and here she is blowing out the one candle I could find….(I forgot to buy a “5” candle!)
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Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream cake…even the diabetics in the crowd. From left to right: Rachel, Kevin (Geoff’s brother and Rachel’s boyfriend), Jim (aka The Yak Herder, also Geoff’s Dad), Rita, (Swamette..also Geoff’s Mom), My Mom, Lorelei, Mary Lou (my cousin), and the orange shirt sleeves belong to another cousin, Nancy.
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My Mom found the perfect Ariel (The Little Mermaid, for those with no little kids) outfit and wig. This is about as girly as Isabelle gets. She originally wanted to be a dinosaur, fire fighter, astronaut, etc… But she settled on Ariel because we have been watching the damn movie every day since we got it.
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“Why do you do this?”
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Well, Blogger’s being a butthead tonight, so pictures of Isabelle’s 5th birthday party will have to wait.

Introducing Helen

We went to meet our new program Red-tailed hawk, Helen.
The scoop on Helen:
I won’t go into too much detail about how we came to get Helen, because events that happened before I came to RAPTOR took place to bring her to us. And it is very much a “He said, she said” situation, and I am staying out of it.
Basically, she was living with someone who loves her very much. That person can no longer keep her. So now she’s ours.
Helen is 22 years old, and partially blind from cataracts. She is also very overweight, but otherwise healthy.
And what an easy bird to hold! Since she can’t see well, she doesn’t bate (try to fly off the glove) and she steps up like Lucy does. No chasing or ducking with this gal.
(Following two pics by Cindy Alverson)
Oh, yeah, I needed our walking stick to help hold her up. She’s a chunker, all right!We tried to get the girls to get in the photo, but Isabelle was a little shy around the RAPTOR folk.
Helen is sure to become one of my regular program birds. One, she needs the exercise! And two, she is so much easier to handle than our other two Red-tailed HELLIONS, Two Socks and Scarlet.

We were so lucky to be at RAPTOR this morning, because Jeff brought in an injured red-tailed hawk that had been hit by a car. Here, Marilyn examines the bird as Jeff holds. The exam showed a cracked cere (that part of the beak around the nostrils) and maybe a concussion. And Jeff taught us a few things about determining the age of a bird: He pointed out the tail feathers, which were all red. If this bird had been hatched in 2006, the tail would be all brown. If the bird had been hatched in 2005, there would be no “old” red feathers, as this one has. So she is at least 2 years old. A “haggard” bird, instead of a “passage” bird.

Katherine, Jeff’s daughter, looks on as her Daddy manhandles the scared, hurt birdie. This guy has forgotten more than I will ever learn about birds of prey. And he is fearless. He handles the birds like his hands are made of steel. I’m surprised he was wearing gloves today!