I try, really I do

I repeated my “go-work-at-the-lake” thing today, but the weather just sucked. Cold and drizzly. All birders know that this weather isn’t the best for finding any birds. Ducks and cardinals, that’s all I saw. But I tried, darn it.
The view:

After doing my work, I walked over to the river side of the park (Lake Isabella Park is bordered by the lake on one side and the Little Miami River on the other) and the rain from last night has done a number on the water level.

And I found what will now be my favorite tree. I so love sycamores…they get so ginormous. We have one in the back yard and it’s growing so fast, you can almost see it get taller as you watch it.

Natural cavities all over this tree!

While standing under the sycamore, I was straddling a small puddle about a foot from the water’s edge.

In the course of 5 minutes, the puddle was three feet across. Time to go, I think.

I am starting to recognize the ducks at the lake by sight. The white/gray one on the left is always there. I wonder who his mama got with to make him that color? Mallards…they are so cheap and easy. They will hybridize with just about anything.

This is usually accessible by foot, but today I would have needed a dinghy.

Back in the spring, I found two dogs along the road. I finally tracked down the owner (who didn’t even know they were gone) and took them back. This woman was so lacking in character. And look where she lives! It may not look it, but this house, in this neighborhood, is easily worth $1 million. You’d think they could afford a fence. And they own minivans…ugg.

The dogs were wearing invisible fence collars, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them. A week after I took them back, I saw a flyer dated 3 months prior, asking if anyone had seen the dogs. Escaping is not a new thing for these guys.

I drive by occasionally to see if the dogs are out (they seem to live in doghouses in the back yard). They were sweet little guys…one was a yellow lab and the other was a beagle/shep/mutt. Flip and McGee. Cute names for cute dogs.

I am not one to be prejudiced against anyone, but I find it hard to think nice thoughts about this pampered, wimpy woman. She didn’t say thank you, but shook my hand, and I have felt more personality in dead fish.

We live in a nice neighborhood, with VERY nice neighborhoods around us, and I see affluent people all the time around here doing stupid things. I guess it goes to show you that money can’t buy smarts.

Okay, enough of my ranting about dumb, insensitive dogs owners.

What a cute car. Too bad they ruined it with that “W” sticker.


9 Responses to “I try, really I do”

  1. The Swami Says:

    So what does I Love OTR mean?

    I Love:
    Old-Time Religion?
    Old Tired Republicans?
    Oklahoma Tire Retreaders?
    Oven-Toasted Raptors?

    As always, glad to be of help. Help is probably what I’ll need after Susan reads the last guess.

  2. NatureWoman Says:

    Yowsa, Swami, maybe I should go away until the dust settles.
    Susan, I hope that rain isn’t coming my way – it looks way nasty – we’ve had enough this week and I need some sunshine tomorrow!
    Gosh, so much money and no brains. I think I’d rather be poor and have a brain to use than to be a dead fish who is so rich she doesn’t even have to take care of her dogs.

  3. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Swami: time for your meds.

    Pam: I know, I know…my FIL is nuts. But I like that in a person.
    And amen to the rest of your comment. She may have it all, but she’s a nobody.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    OTR = Off Track Racing?

  5. NatureWoman Says:

    I had to come back to see what you would say to Swami! Hee hee. I love his comments and his blog – you’re lucky to have such a humorous FIL.

  6. Beth Says:

    Over the Rhine?

  7. The Swami Says:

    Beth: Me thinks (yes, occasionally I do) that you are from the Cincinnati area. Come on, lets NOT be serious!

    Yes, it probably does mean the Over the Rhine area of Cincy.

    Naturewoman: If Susan is lucky to have me for a FIL, just imagine what living with me must be like for The Swamette!

    Sometimes the dear Swamette is so overcome with hilarity that she self-defenestrates. I think that is her way of keeping me in Czech.

  8. Jess Riley Says:

    These comments are hilarious!

    You know, we have neighbors that let their two dogs roam free as well; the other day one was almost hit by a car. It’s maddening.

  9. jemkagily Says:

    Do you have animal control that you could report these people to? Free-roaming dogs are in serious danger of getting themselves or others badly injured or worse. If the laws there are similar to the ones we have around here, the dogs would be taken to a shelter and adopted if not claimed. And if their owners do claim them, they might be fined for letting their dogs roam at large. Look into the local leash laws, you could be doing those dogs a big favor. (Walking through the kennels at an animal shelter is a wake-up call for people who rely on invisible fencing…check out the high percentage of dogs whose invisible fence collars are hanging on their cages!)
    can you tell this is one of my “pet” peeves?!

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