Today was a good day to go to….Hamilton?

My program today was in Hamilton, OH. Four back-to-back presentations at the Miami University campus. What a perfect day…a screamingly blue Fall sky, holding my favorite birds for a rapt audience at a beautiful college campus. It made me want to sign up for classes.
That second-to-last sentence just hit me. Rapt for raptors. Hee hee.
Now for something completely different (any Monty Python fans out there?)
I took the girls with me to Hobby Lobby yesterday. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, you are missing out! Everything you need if you are a “crafty” person. I am handmaking Isabelle’s birthday party invites so it was off to the card aisle.
Hobby Lobby starts putting its Christmas stuff out around August. And it’s all half off this week! The girls love to wrap themselves in the tinsel and be movie stars.

Random photo: I started scanning older pics from before the age of digital.

This is my Mom and me at one of my bridal showers. I love Mom. She is the kind of mom that everyone else wants to have. All my friends wanted my Mom to adopt them so they could have her around, too. I am so lucky to have her. She did her best with my rebelllious stage (from the ages of 12 to 25) and although her kids aren’t perfect, she turned out a couple of halfway decent people.

When I drop the girls off at school, I sit in wonderment and disgust at all the damn minivans. Everyone, with the exception of a few BMW’s, drives up in an SUV or minivan. And it’s not like they have 10 children to shlep around. More like 2. What a waste. And if you are going to drive a gas guzzling monstrosity around, please do all of us a favor and LEARN HOW TO DRIVE IT. What a bunch of dopes. Taking corners like they are driving an 18 wheeler, hardly able to see over the steering wheel. Jeez.


5 Responses to “Today was a good day to go to….Hamilton?”

  1. Shannon Says:

    What a great picture of you and “my” Mom!! Hey you know you could go back to school!! I hear Xavier calling you every Saturday.

  2. Lynne Says:

    So Susan, how do you REALLY feel about SUV’s and minivans? 😉

  3. jemkagily Says:

    Ooooh, be careful out there, Susan. My inlaws (who live in Lebanon) were involved in 2, count ’em, 2 car wrecks this summer; one in a school parking lot eerily like the one in your photo. Thank God neither they nor my precious nieces were hurt. But for crying out loud, ladies, look behind you before backing those behemoths of yours up.
    and by the way,

  4. NatureWoman Says:

    I *hate* minivans. Whatever set of engineers designed them ought to be fired – they are the butt-ugliest vehicle and the people that drive them like they own the freakin’ road. Okay. That said. I can tell your Mom is a great Mom, because of the photo and because you’re a great Mom! I love my Mom to pieces, too. I have photos like this where she is hugging me tight too. There’s *nothing* like a great Mom!

  5. beckperson Says:

    Let me just add the love for your Mom…I’ve known her since before you and your brother were born (before she even met your Dad). That’s a LONG time. When I was a little girl, your mom was a teenager and was the COOLEST aunt we could ever have. She bought us gifts, took care of us when our own mom was sick (using her precious vacation time from 5/3 Bank job) and most of all, had us laughing out loud at her insane stories and jokes. We still beg her to tell Cinderella (poobies and rearls, anyone?).

    When we would visit her and Grammy (and the uncles) on the weekends, Eileen was often still in bed from the night before’s events…and we would sit on the floor and stare at her till she woke up. (She must have just LOVED that.) And we would beg her to let us look through her purse and “reorganize” it for her. She always let us.

    Love her gizzard, and yours for posting the picture and jogging my memory! 🙂

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