I think I am going to Flickr.

It took me 8 tries to get these photos up!
I love my camera.
Isabelle went to a “Princess”-themed birthday party for one of her classmates today, so I found her a fancy dress, put her in stockings, pearls and dress shoes. And Lorelei is the girliest girl ever, so she had to dress up too.

Two male house finches and a very drab goldfinch. I never could have taken a shot like this with the old camera.
A male downy woodpecker enjoying the last of our bug suet…all vegetable matter and crickets and meal worms. Yum!
The red-shouldered hawk was perched on Sydney’s house this morning.
Boomer is wise beyond his years. There were a lot of feet available in the house today to satisfy his butt itch, but he chose the Swami’s feet.

8 Responses to “I think I am going to Flickr.”

  1. Geoff Williams Says:

    I have to admit, the camera takes some great photos. You should spread the wealth and occasionally send your husband a few pictures of the girls, so he can use them for his visually-boring blog.

  2. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Love the barefoot girlie-girl!

  3. Mary Says:

    Half-way through my post today, Blogger quit uploading photos, so I’ll wait…damn. Your camera is doing a great job and I’m jealous. Lovely girls 🙂 The Yak Herder should be more than qualified to calm a butt itch on a small Boston. Thanks for the Boomer fix.

  4. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Dearest Hubby: Subtle you are not. I will round some up for you, sweetie. And you left a comment!!! Stop the presses!

    Laura: She left the house in tennis shoes, that were oh-so fetching with her velvet princess gown!

    Mary: The Swami’s gifts are many. I wonder if he would let a YAK scratch it’s itchy butt on his feet?

  5. Beth Says:

    Sometimes it works better posting pictures if you upload only one at a time. I have trouble sometimes if I try more than one picture. But if I do it one at a time, it works better.

  6. NatureWoman Says:

    Love the photos! Your daughters are beautiful – I l-o-v-e those bare tootsies! Cool bird photos. Swami would certainly scratch any Yak’s butt itch too, wouldn’t he?

  7. -llm. Says:

    Congrats on the new camera! Enjoy it!

  8. The Swami Says:

    The Swami recommends that owners of beasts with itchy bums spray them with the aerosol version of “I Can’t Believe It’s Bummer.”

    I cannot attest to its effectiveness, but it should save on your shoes.

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