Some rehab birds and a picture of Earl

After the board meeting tonight, I hung around while some of the RAPTORites examined some of our rehab birds:

Ever want to see a cooper’s hawk from the back? Well, here ya go.

This CH is going to the vet tomorrow so he was packed up tonight.

This great horned owl is not doing so well. It was noted that his feet look “West Nile-y”. His toe feathers are falling out.

This great horned owl is doing even worse than the other one. He has lost a major amount of feathers on his wings and body, has a fluctuant soft mass on his chest. Sad news: He will be euthanized this week. But as Jeff said, a little tongue-in-cheek, the bird may be 35 years old and have cancer. A difficult side of rescue is making the decision to discontinue care. This bird doesn’t really have a chance of complete recovery, and we need the space for birds we can help.

A note about rehab pictures: Our permit dictates that the rehab birds are to be shielded from human contact as much as possible. I only will take pictures of them if they are being handled anyway. The program birds are, of course, a different story.

And because Lynne asked, I went in and got a picture of Earl.

I have to wonder if Earl may be adjusting to me. I make sure that I stick my head in the door every time I am there, which is frequently, and she no longer flies at me. But of course, I make sure that my gloves are out of her sight…these birds aren’t bird-brains. They know what the glove means.

She’s still Satan in bird form, though.


8 Responses to “Some rehab birds and a picture of Earl”

  1. Lynne Says:

    OOOhhh, that Earl is one beautiful bird! The way she has her wings spread out, striking a pose reminds me of Jon Lovitz doing “Master Thespian” from SNL.

    What a cool bird and what a cool friend you are for indulging me!!

    I love Earl!! (too wierd?)

  2. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Ever see Jon Lovitz’s Subway commercials?
    “Eat FRESH!”
    I’m cracking myself up this morning. Earl likes nothing fresh…the stinkier the better.

  3. Mary Says:

    Wow. Third picture…the look on his face floors me. HE is no bird-brain. They are just beautiful.

  4. The Swami Says:

    You almost fooled Swami with that last photo. I thought it was real, but when I enlarged the picture considerably I could read the tag: Taxidermy Town; Wash Gentle Cycle, Line Dry

  5. Dave Says:

    Earl is a she? It is tough to make the decision to stop treatment because it’s not going to make a differance or the cost is so high compared to what you have and what other birds could use. I don’t get to make those decisions, but I’m there a lot when they are made. It makes for a real downer day.

  6. -llm. Says:

    Earl is spectacular but I think that avoiding angering birds who vomit up their last meal (especially when their last meal was far beyond disgusting when it went in) is a good plan! 🙂

  7. NatureWoman Says:

    Great photo of Earl! I feel really bad for the owls, wah, poor birds.

  8. DKM Says:

    The great horned owl is majestic, sad to hear he is so ill. It reminds me of the owl who adopted my grandmother and lived in her yard for 20 years. She used to hand feed the owl peanut butter and bacon.

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