The lawbreaker strikes again

Hope this makes sense. I took some Advil PM earlier…
I snuck back in there today…I couldn’t help it. It’s like Birder’s Heroin.
But first, a picture for Pam, that wonderful chick over at Nature Woman.
A funky fungus for my fun (and fungi) loving girl:

And I only took a picture of this tree tumor because it looks like hemorrhoids.

Okay, I bet a bunch of you are asking yourselves, “Susan, have you ever seen a hemorrhoid?”. And the answer is YES.

I worked at a facility for adults with mental retardation, and one of my residents had piles and piles of PILES. She needed assistance in the shower, so I got very familiar with her heiny.

I took the girls to the quarry today, to show them all the coots, widgeons, etc. I did NOT let them out of the car. I have the sense at least to know that this is a gravel pit, and gravel pits have very, very, very deep water. And there is no staff there yet to help someone if they fall in.

“Gimme a kiss, Mommy.”

Both of my little angels were adorable. Isabelle said, “Mommy, thank you for taking us birding. I like birds after all.” Good thing, kid. ‘Cause Mommy ain’t stoppin’.
Lorelei introduced us to the coots.
“I Rorarie. Dis is ma Belle. Dis is ma Mommy”.
Translation: I’m Lorelei. This is my Isabelle. This is my Mommy.

I think I forgot to mention the grebes in yesterday’s post. I saw them today and they were close enough to photograph. I have to assume that these are pied-billed grebes.

I zoomed in to look at the bill, and it looks like a pied-billed grebe to me. I’m not lucky enough to get a really interesting one, like a red-necked or horned or a Clark’s grebe. But it is between breeding seasons, so who knows. A pied-billed is not a life bird for me, but it’s cool anyway.

I tried to go get a permit today. I thought I had it when I played the RAPTOR card: “I belong to a bird rescue group, blah blah blah.” But they called back (after I trespassed today…tee hee.) and said that they aren’t ready for birding groups to go through there. No staff, no safety anything.
Onto other news.
I had an injured bird pickup tonight, and had to take the girls with me. Geoff went out with a long-time friend, Mike, to see the new James Bond movie (it’s their THING to do together).
The guy who called about the bird was coming from Lawrenceburg, Indiana (one of my old stomping grounds) and didn’t have a box to put the bird in. So his girlfriend drove and he sat in the front seat WITH THE BIRD BETWEEN HIS FEET. Not good. I warned and warned him, but he did it anyway.
It was a great horned owl that had been hit by a semi. When I finally wrestled it from between this guy’s legs, I saw that one of it’s eyes was swollen shut and there was a lot of blood on it’s face. Let’s hope for the best.

4 Responses to “The lawbreaker strikes again”

  1. Dave Says:

    Semi’s usually win. Best of luck with that one Susan.

  2. jetison Says:

    Love your recent posts ! Where else could you find a blog with a swastika, a duck’s head, a tree with hemohroids, and a fist full of cash on the same page !? I could try and make a connection there but I’m too tired right now.

    Great camera and great pics ! Keep up the good work.

  3. jetison Says:

    Oops – I forgot to spell check hemorrhoids – what a pain in the ass !

  4. NatureWoman Says:

    Thank you Susan! Fungi – I *love* fungi, and trees with roids – how cool is that. Not cool you had to look at / wash roids on top of roids – ewwwww!
    Beautiful daughter photos – love the Isabelle kiss!
    Thanks for continuing to introduce me to new birds – how cool!
    Did Geoff like the new James Bond? I heard he’s the best yet – I can’t imagine anyone better than Sean Connery.

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