I am thankful for…

1. My husband, Geoff
2. My girls, Isabelle and Lorelei
3. My Mom.
4. My brother Steve, his wife Anne and their kids Heather and Michael
5. My in-laws (Swami and the Swammette)
6. My best friend, Shannon and her wonderful son, Jake
7. Our house
8. My health (such as it is) and my family’s health
9. That I had 31 years to know my Dad
10. Birds
11. My pets (even when they throw up on the carpet and shred my socks
12. RAPTOR, Inc., all the work that organization does, and for them giving me a chance to prove myself
13. The color green
14. Starbucks
15. All of my Blogger buddies (you know who you are)
16. My doctor
17. Comfortable shoes
18. My ability to love
19. What I know
20. What I have yet to learn


5 Responses to “I am thankful for…”

  1. Dave Says:

    Nice list. The color green?

  2. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Yep, it’s my favorite color. It makes me happy.

  3. NatureWoman Says:

    I’m thankful for you, too Susan! You always make me laugh in your blog comments! And you comment every day. And last but not least, you’re a beautiful person inside and out!

  4. Shannon Says:

    I am ever so thankful for my best friend Susan. How in the world would I have gotten through 33 years of life without you?

  5. Mary Says:

    It’s nice to be thankful, isn’t it? When things go awry, there is always something to hold on to. We did the same thing last night. Tired and thankful.

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