Turn up your speakers and listen to Junior “TWEET”, a video of EARL and Junior in flight


10 Responses to “Turn up your speakers and listen to Junior “TWEET”, a video of EARL and Junior in flight”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Sometimes he sounds like he’s trying to cough up a pellet!

    Love his hoot – very sexy! 😉

  2. Mary Says:

    We must have a GHO around here somewhere – I recognize the hoot. Junior is earning celebrity status!

    Earl, on the other hand, has a face only his mother might love and I laughed out loud watching him cock his head to see you up close!

  3. MojoMan Says:

    I love to hear your audio, but it won’t work for me. I see the three player boxes and code all over the screen. Could it be because I’m using Firefox?

  4. The Swami Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  5. The Swami Says:

    Hmmm, The Swami uses Firefox and has the same problem as Mojoman. It worked fine on Swami’s work computer which uses MS Explorer.

    I initially thought that the problem was that the smoke from my work-burning home computer was getting in my eyes.

    The videos are almost worth going out to buy a new computer just to be able to see them. Ok, ok, I didn’t mean “almost,” they are worth it.

  6. Liza Lee Miller Says:

    I am also a Firefox user and can’t see your videos. Thye used to work but now they don’t. Sigh.

    (Note, I have both a Mac and a PC on my desk and both use Firefox and neither one can process the video.)

  7. Lynne Says:

    OOOoooh Susan- You are such a good friend! I LOVE that Earl. She has such a pretty pearly white smile and beautiful red and wrinkly complection! That is one cool bird. Thank you for the video!


  8. NatureWoman Says:

    Awesome videos Susan! I can’t believe how close you can get to them!

    I have to use Internet Explorer – ack -to view the videos.

  9. Beth in NYC Says:

    I’m in love. That Junior is a handsome devil! I’m sure it won’t take him long to find the girl of his dreams. Seriously, these videos are great!

  10. Susan Gets Native Says:

    If I was a female GHO….

    Thanks…and Earl is a FEMALE.

    Thank you, Father-of-my-husband. If you go out and get a new PC, can we have your old one?

    Sorry you couldn’t see it. I posted the links now.

    Yeah, even though she’s a stinker, I like her. And “qzjarjt” right back at ya!

    The links in the new post should work.

    I’m hear to tell ya….he is very very awesome. But there is a bit of concern that he is TOO calm around humans.

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