This old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be

I’m posting a bit late tonight, because I had to color my hair and wipe out the grays that want to peek out at my temples. Why is it that men look so distinguished with gray hair, and we just look tired?
I got my first gray hair when I was 22, and I seriously thought it was just due to stress, or just a quirky thing that would resolve itself. Young people are stupid.
Pictures from the past few days:
Our tree Christmas morning.
The girls were so cute when they came down at 7 am. Isabelle said, “My gosh! What’s happening here?”

Christmas Eve at Swami’s yurt. That’s Rachel (sorta-maybe-a-sister-in-law-someday) with Roxy, Swami and Swamette’s Shetland Sheepdog. Or maybe we should call her a Shetland Yakdog?
I couldn’t get all of the presents in frame for this shot. Let’s just say that my in-laws are very, very generous at Christmastime…and all year round, come to think of it.
I took the “long way” on Christmas Eve (Geoff and I took seperate cars so he could take the girls to visit their Great-great-great aunt Francis.
This is for Birdchick. She has mentioned to me that when she was still a Hoosier, she used to visit King’s Island. A very cool place, and if you are ever in the area, come see me and we will go ride some rollercoasters. Sharon, next time you are in Ohio, we will go ride the Beast!

Birds don’t have Christmas. I found this female house finch at my feeders. I noticed that as I approached to fill them, she didn’t fly away. She is suffering from mycoplasmal conjunctivitis. I was even able to put my finger under her belly and she stepped up like a parrot. She is effectively blind. I placed her back on the feeder and wished her the best. And then I cleaned my feeders.

Before everyone yells at me for not taking her in and treating her: It is possible to treat conjunctivitis, but you have to be a licensed rehabber, and it is thought that treating birds with this disease with antibiotics may cause strains to become resistant and then we would really be in trouble.

If you notice birds at your feeders that have swollen or crusty eyes, consider joining the House Finch Eye Disease Survey at Cornell.


6 Responses to “This old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be”

  1. Mary Says:

    I enjoyed the tree photos, and, I’d like to be part of the Swami’s family, LOL! You are too young to feel old:) I feel very old right now after a few action-packed days. Cover that gray and go on! The little house finch breaks my heart. I’ll take notice of the birds at my feeder. Thanks for the tip.

  2. NatureWoman Says:

    I started turning gray when I was 18 – it’s in the genes – and it stinks – I know! Oh oh oh, I didn’t know you lived so close to King’s Island!! I lived in KY for 11 mos. (that’s another story) and went there once – and had an awesome time! I remember The Beast! Riding at night is the best – it’s so scary then!
    Poor house finch – wah.

  3. beth Says:

    I’ve colored my hair for about 12 years; started when I wanted to match all the other big-haired blonde Texan mamas in fundamental-Baptist-land. I wasn’t grey then; I am now.

    Great pics, great post, super Christmas. I was curious…who got the Tide for Christmas?

  4. Susan Gets Native Says:

    At least when I color my hair, the grays turn into highlights under the color. 🙂
    We live about 15 minutes from King’s Island. There’s a lot more there now, I can’t keep track of all the vomit-inducing rides they have added.
    Geoff’s grandmother got the mammoth Tide.

  5. Lynne Says:

    I’ll bet it was hard putting that finch back but you did the right thing for all the right reasons. You guys really neede two cars to hawl home all of that loot!

    I’m not very consistant with hair coloring, but I find it to be an inexpensive self attitude enhancer! My daughter recently informed me that my hair is grayer on one side of my face than the other! I told her that those extra gray hairs were from HER!

  6. Bird Advocate Says:

    I’m so sorry about the little bird! It is great you had a nice Christmas, though.

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