I just read the sightings log at Cincinnati Birds, and there is a snowy owl near Circleville, Ohio.
Hmmm….do I risk driving with two crazy little girls for two hours to maybe see a snowy?


9 Responses to “A SNOWY OWL IN OHIO?”

  1. LauraHinNJ Says:

    Go for it Susan!

    They’re really cool birds!

  2. katdoc Says:


    I saw the Wilmington Snowy Owl in Jan, 2001. It was the first bird I every “chased,” and I haven’t seen one since. Snowy Owls are not uncommon in Northern Ohio, around Lake Erie, in the winter, but to get one this far south is prety unusual.

    A birder friend and I are considering going after this one, if you want to come along. We just need to sync our schedules. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been seen in the last 2 days, according to the Ohio BIrds listserv. I’ll e-mail you.


  3. Liza Lee Miller Says:

    What the heck, give it a whirl!

  4. Lynne Says:

    We usually have a snowy or two show up at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I’ve never gone looking, but am determined to try this year. Good luck!

  5. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Geoff has reserved a room at a hotel near Circleville for the girls and me, so we are on our way to hunt for the snowy. But considering I have about 1 hour of daylight left, we will have to search tomorrow. But the hotel has a pool, so at least we won’t be bored.
    I will be taking the laptop, so I will keep everyone updated!
    Wish us luck!

  6. katdoc Says:

    Good luck! Let me know if it’s still there so Andrea & I can plan our trip!


  7. Mary Says:

    Good luck, Susan! We’ll be waiting to hear of your adventure!

  8. Mon@rch Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the stories behind you finding this snowy! Good luck!

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