Never say never

I believe I have stated that although they romp in the yard, squirrels don’t come to our feeders.

This little guy (yes, guy…he showed me his what-not) got adventurous and partook of some of the goodies.

…and then he ran away. I love how I keep catching them in mid-stride. Cute little buggers.

Pet update:

Lulu has a new home. I think we have become a foster home for dogs. We find them, clean them up and send them to a home with more time and energy. We have plenty of love for dogs, but Nellie takes up plenty of space, and we love her like she’s five dogs.


We do have space for another cat.

Meet the newest Williams. She doesn’t have a name (the shelter had called her Sugar Plum, but that’s a long name for a cat who isn’t going to respond to it anyway).

She is a one year old Flame Point Ragdoll. These types of cats mature slowly, so she will probably look different in the next few years. We welcomed her yesterday after her spaying. She has a very melodic meow. If a flute could say “meow”, that’s what she sounds like.

Nellie likes her. And she likes Nellie. When they first met, she did a love-rub against Nellie’s face. That’s my kind of cat.

Nellie keeps watch over the squirrel while the cat takes her 20th nap of the day.
Anyone thinking of any cool names for a white, floppy, sweet cat?
And Jim? We don’t think “Fricassee” would be a suitable name.

9 Responses to “Never say never”

  1. Pull Up A Chair Says:

    I laughed at your “full house” white cat, black dog, grey squirrel… hmmm… visiting raccoons (I saw the foot/hand prints.)

    Tell Pam that Turkey Vultures are not the best form to adopt as your personal totem… (but what the hell do I know?)

    Susan, I enjoyed dropping by your piece of cyber-space.

    Peace to you and your family in 2007… (You can’t blame a squirrel for trying!)

  2. Susan Gets Native Says:

    Pull Up a Chair:
    Our house is fuller than you know:
    1 dog
    5 cats
    2 parakeets
    4 fancy rats
    1 Siamese fighting fish
    16 misc. fish
    2 Leopard frog tadpoles
    Good grief…
    Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime!

  3. NatureWoman Says:

    I didn’t know you were looking for a new home for Lulu – she was a cute little puppy! Love your new cat – she’s beautiful – and she owns the joint already! (What cat doesn’t own the joint)? I love Nellie’s face, I could just give her smushy kisses all over it – what a sweetie. Okay, maybe a name will pop into my head while I’m off using it for other things today.

  4. Mary Says:

    Your new kitty is very pretty! She looks quite large to me, or maybe it’s the amount of fluff she wears. Nellie will never be lonely, that’s for sure!

    Those darn squirrels are way too athletic but funny to watch when they REALLY want something.

    If a name comes to mind for the Snowball, I’ll let ya know.

  5. beth Says:

    Good grief, I would have given you a cat! Or two! Maybe I still will…I was unhappily looking for a depository for ours not too long ago…

    I absolutely LOVED those pics of the squirrels, and appreciate your attitude of indulgence. Most folks go ballistic over the squirrels trying to steal grub from the birdies.

    I liked your post on Mary’s blog – we’re all hyphenated in real life, aren’t we? “Blog-Mary”, “Blog-Susan”…

    be blessed..

  6. Liza Lee Miller Says:

    Squirrels. Sigh. I had one squirrel voraciously eating out of my backyard feeders. When he cooled the platform feeder, he started on the “squirrel proof” feeder. Hanging by his feet, he was just able to get his paws in the wire and grab handsful of seed. Grrrrr. But, in the front yard, I had four (4!) squirrels trying to chow down. That feeder is harder to get to but on one of my lengthy stops by my bedroom window to watch and take pictures, I noticed that the feeder was empty so I can only assume that one of them made it and was dangling enough to shake all the food out. Grrrrr!

    Okay, relax. breathe. they are all little natural creatures. breathe.

    Your new cat is adorable. For me, I’d name her Asthma Attack but that’s just me! 🙂 I actually adore long-haired white cats but the one time I tried to have one for my own, I ended up in the hospital for 4 days! Cough! Hack! Wheeze! That aside, I have a friend who got a Ragdoll cat years ago and she utterly adored their personality! I hope your new baby — who should NOT be named Asthma Attack — is just as wonderful for your family!

    Names: Snowball (suggested by BlogMary) is adorable. I found a web site with name suggestions for pure white cats . . .

    Seriously! But, I have to say that I don’t think many of their names are good ones . . . “Cutie” “Milky” “Seymour”(???) but maybe they’ll trigger something good!

  7. Lynne Says:

    How about Swiffer?
    (store-bought dust cloth)

  8. Mary Says:

    The names are making me silly…

    1. Asthma Attack
    2. Dustmop
    3. Swiffer

    A three-way tie.

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