Bloody hell.


“Please stop staring at my butt.”


 I showed the GHO nest to Lorelei today, and since the sun was ACTUALLY SHINING, I couldn’t resist getting a picture of that glorious sun beaming through the owl’s ear tufts.


 The dogs are enjoying each other.  They also are attention-hounds and if one is doing something, the other has to be in on it.  Even when I try to get a smooshy-face picture.


Did you know that we actually had snow yesterday?  It was the kind of snow I like…big fluffy flakes that didn’t stick to the roads.  And I couldn’t resist leaving my mark at Kelley’s Nature Preserve.  Got a life bird, too.  A hermit thrush, who didn’t want his or her picture taken. 

I must be doing something wrong.  Pictures are not easy to post on WordPress.  I have read the forums and FAQ’s and resized them, and it’s such a chore. 

Sorry that I am not doing posts like I used to.  I get too bogged down fighting with these pictures and all the inspiration leaves me.










6 Responses to “Bloody hell.”

  1. Laura Says:

    I set up a blog with WordPress a few months ago, but never used it. I had the same trouble with posting pics – I think it can be easy, but the directions aren’t good. Maybe Pam or Sandy will pipe up with hints.

  2. mon@rch Says:

    I have done very little picture posting on wordpress, but then again I post everything through wordpress! But, I do love the pictures you were able to post!

  3. Mary Says:

    Sorry you are frustrated. I’m too chicken to try something new like wordpress since I’ve only been using Blogger for a few months and not without a lot stress! Hang in there. Your page looks nice.

  4. Ruth Says:

    I love the horned owl photo. The lighting was perfect for that unusual silhouette. Good luck on WordPress. I always shrink my photos by emailing them to myself from My Pictures folder. Windows shrinks them for you. You have to be linked to an email program like Outlook though. It doesn’t work if you use an internet email server like Yahoo.

  5. Lynne from Hasty Brook Says:

    Hey- is that a red-belly’s red belly? Don’t see that often- it’s a cool shot of a butt! Sorry about your frustrations but the blog looks really cool. I’m sure you’ll get past the tough part and be back to posting like your old self!

  6. Egret's Nest Says:

    Hmmmm. I don’t even try to use the bloggng software picutres. I just use Flickr and it makes my life so much easier! Don’t know how it works with WordPress but since you can just paste in the whole code back, it ought to work out!

    Love the picture of your hand in the snow. Very cool!

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