One reason I love Julie Zickefoose

For those of you who don’t read Julie’s blog, first I have to say “WHY IN THE HELL NOT???” and second, she put up a post this morning that may help us find a good home for Boomer.


Bloody hell.


“Please stop staring at my butt.”


 I showed the GHO nest to Lorelei today, and since the sun was ACTUALLY SHINING, I couldn’t resist getting a picture of that glorious sun beaming through the owl’s ear tufts.


 The dogs are enjoying each other.  They also are attention-hounds and if one is doing something, the other has to be in on it.  Even when I try to get a smooshy-face picture.


Did you know that we actually had snow yesterday?  It was the kind of snow I like…big fluffy flakes that didn’t stick to the roads.  And I couldn’t resist leaving my mark at Kelley’s Nature Preserve.  Got a life bird, too.  A hermit thrush, who didn’t want his or her picture taken. 

I must be doing something wrong.  Pictures are not easy to post on WordPress.  I have read the forums and FAQ’s and resized them, and it’s such a chore. 

Sorry that I am not doing posts like I used to.  I get too bogged down fighting with these pictures and all the inspiration leaves me.









Guess who’s back (for now)?

Recognize that chin?


Here’s the story:

I got a call yesterday from the rescue who found a home for Boomer. The family didn’t want him anymore, and the rescue had to return him to us. (I had no idea that was an option…when I said goodbye to him, I thought it was forever)

The adoptive family said that he “tore up their laundry room” and had “separation anxiety” and “escaped from his crate” and “wouldn’t eat”. I don’t buy it. These people obviously didn’t know how to deal with a Boston Terrier (high energy dogs who need mental stimulation as well as exercise), and he has eaten 3 cups of food since he has been here today.

So I guess we are back to the “fatten up Boomer” diet. He’s not quite as bony as when I first saw him at the shelter, but he’s not healthy.

We are back to where we started. The cats are back in the basement, Boomer is sleeping on our bed right now (he loves Geoff) and we still have to find him a home…the rescue suggested a trainer who could help us introduce Boomer to cats and maybe help them all co-exist. I doubt it.

So here is what Boomer needs:

A home with no cats. Ever.

A family who knows about Bostons and their needs (exercise, companionship, brain work).

A lot of love.

What he has going for him:

He is a wonderfully loving little dog.

He is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations.

He is micro-chipped.

He is ready for play at any time, or being a couch potato anytime.

I am willing to drive as long as I need to to get him to a new home. Anyone want to give him a try? He’s so wonderful. And he deserves a second (and third) chance.

He remembered me, obviously…he just about tore a hole in the woman’s car when he saw me.

I added this picture just because I was proud of it. I made homemade pizza tonight, and Isabelle helped (but she ate more pepperoni than she actually got onto the pizza) and I made a smiley face on it for her. And it was so delicious…an obscene amount of cheese on this bad boy.

Sigh…I love Boomer. The girls love Boomer. Nellie loves Boomer. Geoff even loves Boomer. (Geoff told me that he can stay as long as I can handle the cats being stuck in the basement)

Someone help!